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With a global footprint, we lower the barriers into the resources sector and move commodities across the world.
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why cometa
We are catalysts for change Cometa has grown from proudly South African roots to become a large-scale player in the global commodities scene, with offices in Geneva, Cape Town, and Richard’s Bay. Pit-to-port control of our supply chain and global commodity trading software gives us a competitive edge in identifying untapped opportunities.
We are redefining the normWith decades of combined experience in a wide range of relevant industries, our team members bring together unique perspectives that enable us to spot and take strategic advantage of shifting market movements.
Seeking new directionsOur depth of experience, along with our privileged access to infrastructure and logistical networks, all place us in an optimal position to rapidly enter new markets. We are forever seeking opportunities to diversify our business through well-timed pivots.
StakeholdersDistinctive value for our trading partners
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Our clients
Competitive quality, efficiently delivered

Streamlined processes enable us to deliver a personalised, premium service.
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Our investors
Shared commitment and knowledge

Access rare investment opportunities with the potential for exceptional returns.
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Our suppliers
 Trust is our currency

Streamline your supply chain and increase your efficiency with our comprehensive solutions for seamless client support.
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Cometa's CSR initiatives
Purpose beyond profitHelping others is what binds us together as a company. For all of us, a key source of motivation lies in knowing that the more success we have as a business, the more we can do for the children who benefit from our initiatives.
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Who we are
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